Connie J. Frisch-Cherniak is originally from Virginia, Minnesota and lives in Staten Island, New York.  She received her B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; studied at NYU and received a M.F.A. from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University in Painting, Drawing and Photography in 1983.  She is an Adjunct Professor of Art at St. John’s University in Staten Island and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online.  She shows in galleries and museums in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

My photographic work is an exploration of traditional non-manipulated work in both digital, 35mm and montage manipulations. Nature cannot be duplicated. I do not manipulate my nature or landscape photos or use filters to change the colors. I believe in the purity of the subject and try to capture the colors and textures which so often take my breath away. They create a sense of calm in an often chaotic world; take you to a different place, create a sense of solitude.  The manipulated works bridge the gap between photography and drawing.  They experiment with color and black and white; they are a play on an image or an event and incorporate a sense of satire.  Both of these ideas represent the two very different approaches to my photography.
In addition to photography, I create paintings, drawings and installations which include light and sculptures. The themes are based on personal experiences, literature and dreams, often satirical and humorous.  Color, is also a very important factor in all of my works. I love lush, bright colors interacting together. It wakes us up, creates a balance between intensity and calmness. This idea translates in all of my photography, my paintings and my drawings.

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